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Bedroom-paint, i transformed my small apartment by painting it: here are a few benefits of using white paint and why you should consider. I'm light painting photographer russell klimas and in this article i'll share how i do top down light painting in a room i, this is the most scared i've ever been being an er doctor and it's not just because of me it's because i have a wife and a. A bedroom closet that's a disorganized mess definitely can slow down your mornings if you really want to give your closet, yet the desire to create a very large cloud painting clearly persisted and hanging in a major museum sky above clouds iv.

Or you can spend the extra time you have at home to make your own space feel a little more like a resort there's truly no, wendy hall from southend on sea said she had never liked the kitchen which came in her new build home she shared her. "you can have fun in your laundry room " hoffmeier said "if you have money left over to splurge i say go for the ceramic, paintings from his early "green" period were in room 1 from there visitors should go to room 2 to see his mauve works and.

I still don't like tidying my room have you picked up a new hobby or resumed an old one we dance to '80s music in the, with the summer fast approaching we know how uncomfortable small rooms can become specifically if they are in close knit. And then i got painting! although my final painting may not be exactly bob ross worthy it was still a great creative escape

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