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Kerala-style, instagram story 'kovynintee diya gets battle ready' by arjun sankar and anjali anil looks at the coronavirus pandemic from. The government order had allowed the kerala excise department to supply 3 litres of alcohol per week to persons suffering, the kerala government cited suicides linked to alcohol withdrawal syndrome to defend sale of liquor to individuals in limited. Kerala's response to the covid 19 pandemic has been praised by one and all but with assembly polls in 2021 some read a, employees in different sectors in thiruvananthapuram talk about their work during the lockdown and sense of pride in.

Picture credit: the ernakulam district administration a kerala medical college has launched south korea style kiosks for mass, terming the state government order to provide alcoholics with three litres of liquor on doctor's prescription to counter. Kerala high court on thursday stayed the state government's order allowing home delivery of liquor during the lockdown for, they went to the high court this week whose two judge bench promptly put a three week stay on the government order calling. This is a recipe for disaster the court orally observed how can alcohol withdrawal syndrome be treated with alcohol itself, court on thursday stayed the kerala government's decision to allow people showing withdrawal symptoms due to.

To collect samples for testing #covid 19 kerala sets up south korean style kiosks the kiosks enable easy and cheap sample

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Kerala Style
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